Brackish Water Treatment Plants

Water is the necessity of our daily life, it’s so important for us that we need clean, safe and sanitary water every day, and usually there’s a more strict inspection standard in the more advanced country. There are two kinds of drinking water in the market. One is the natural water, which is called mineral water. The other is processed water coming from underground or from the pipe of water plant, which is called R.O. water, space water or pure water.

Natural Mineral Water Plants

Mineral water comes from natural springs. It contains a lot of various kinds of chemical goods such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are healthy to our body. Through natural mineral water plants, the water is filtered and sterilized properly. However, the shortcoming is that the source of mineral water is limited.

On the other side, pure water does not contain any nutrition, but it is easy to be obtained and very clean after being processed. It tastes good with PH value 5-7 degree Celsius that is the reason why people like it very much. Pure water is processed through different stages of a filter system such as sand, carbon, and reversed osmosis system. The water is passed from 5 micron through 1 to 0.2 micron filter. After that, pure water can be filtered to remove harmful materials with an efficiency of 96%.

Industrial Mineral Water Plants

Natural springs or underground water drawn by the motor pumps is sent to the source water reservoir. The water is then with the help of industrial mineral water plants is processed by sterilization with chlorine or related chemicals so as to kill a large portion of the bacteria and microorganisms in the water. The water is then filtered through layers of varying depth of uniformed quartz sand filtration system. This slow filtration gives good purifying results so that the water will not contain any large quantity of suspended solids. The water is then absorbed on the activated carbon. It’s currently one of the safest means for purifying drinking and mineral water.

Activated carbon absorbs most pollutants dissolved in water. Water containing a very small quantity of residual pollutants can be removed. Water purified through the activated carbon process may have odors removed and its flavor improved. The water passes through a salt tank full of Na+ ions where there are lots of resin pellets in it. The purpose of using Na+ ions is to soften the water, most of the different mineral goods are absorbed away from the water in the process. The water is then passed through the 1.45ìand 1ìfilter, which eliminates the micro pollutants and micro toxic substances. The treated water is then discharged into a UV sterilizer system for sterilization. This process destroys any disease-producing bacteria or microorganisms which might exist in the mineral water, thus making it more sanitary and safe to drink.

The final 0.2 filter is then used as a final safety filter since the water must be permanently free from any matter that might escape from the proceeding treatment. After that, the treated water is stored in the pure sanitary grade water reservoir. The mineral water is then pumped into the filling machine. An ozone producing equipment is used to produce ozone, the treated water is then mixed with ozone in the mixing tank for sterilization. The final safety filter is a 0.2 filter.

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