Water Treatment Chemicals

Our range of products include:

Antiscalants: Specifically formulated for membrane separation processes. Feature enhanced scale control, dispersant capabilities and compatibility with other chemicals. The PWT software programme ProDose is available to calculate the dose rate required for a system.

Cleaning Chemicals: Broad spectrum cleaners, and formulations for specific foulants. Available in liquids and powders, and high, low and neutral pH products.

Biocides: Biocides for use on or off line, for continuous or shock treatments, to reduce or prevent biofouling within a membrane system.

Coagulants: Organic polymers and inorganic / organic polymer blends used to reduce or prevent colloidal fouling on membranes.

We have also enclosed a Membrane System Profile and request you to kindly return it duly filled so that we can submit our recommendations for your system. Please note that our products are compatible with all major membranes and have also been certified as safe for use in drinking water systems.

We commit that application of our products & services will ensure optimum performance of your Membrane Separation Systems and request you to please give us an opportunity to provide our cost effective solutions.

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